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At Arbitrage Investment Club, we are committed to fostering a dynamic environment where innovative minds converge to explore investment opportunities that drive meaningful change. Our members hold a steadfast belief in the power of investments to create a brighter future, one that benefits society and the planet at large.

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All About AIC

Your Path to Positive Global Impact!

Arbitrage Investment Club stands as a cohesive and exclusive community of 1,500 proactive investors, united by a shared vision of making a positive difference in the world through strategic investments. Among our distinguished ranks, you'll find prominent figures such as family office executives, venture capitalists, private equity leaders, and esteemed individuals entrusted with overseeing the financial interests of royal families.

  • Our members span across the globe, each contributing their unique expertise and insights, resulting in a truly global perspective on investments.

  • As a gathering of the brightest minds in the investment world, our club is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, allowing our members to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing market.

  • We take pride in directing our investments towards initiatives that address critical social and environmental challenges, helping build a sustainable and equitable world.

  • Joining Arbitrage Investment Club grants you access to a network of accomplished investors, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.

  • Whether it's startups, private equity, or emerging markets, our club exposes members to a plethora of investment avenues, unlocking the potential for lucrative returns and global impact.

Why Choose Arbitrage Investment Club?

Arbitrage Investment Club invites visionaries, change-makers, and forward-thinking individuals to join our ranks and be a part of a transformative journey. Together, we can drive positive change, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Reese Edison
Investment  Director

Embrace the Future of Investing


Participation in 50 open and closed-door Club gatherings.

One-to-one meetings with 100 pre-selected investors

High-end investment network capacity – 500 contacts

Presentation of your project to selected investors at the Co-Investment Atrium

A branded event designed specifically to meet the objectives of your company

$500 / one time payment

Introduction and contact with 500 decision-makers of the investment industry

Instant direct contact between decision-makers

In today's fast-paced world, connecting decision-makers directly facilitates efficient communication, enabling quick responses and streamlined problem-solving.


The internal culture of the Club is based on the mutual trust of the participants and the long-standing traditions of the Club. The Club activities are aimed at the creation of friendly and trustworthy bonds between Club members.

Benefits of being a Club member 

We empower the Club community with a groundbreaking method for cultivating business relationships. Our personalized network program offers one-to-one meetings, Club gatherings, and contact exchanges, finely tailored to address the unique personal and investment interests of each participant.

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