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 Where Human Insight Drives Smarter Decisions

We're the trailblazing pioneers of credit ratings and business intelligence in Africa, powered by human insight. As volatility and technology shape the landscape, we empower you to navigate with certainty. Discover the power of informed choices with Arbitrage Credit Ratings!



Who We Are

At Arbitrage Credit Ratings, we go beyond mere data and information to create genuine value for our clients. Our key differentiator lies in the heart of our organization – our people. Driven by human insight and fostered in a collaborative culture, we propel forward, leading the industry with unparalleled expertise.


In a globalized world, where interconnectedness and rapid change reign supreme, our team of experts stands ready to provide invaluable insights and astute commentary. With over 10 years of combined experience and a workforce of more than 200 passionate professionals, we delve into the complexities of over 2,000 entities across the globe.



Our People

At Arbitrage Credit Ratings, we understand the undeniable power that emerges when diverse perspectives come together as one. It's not just our strength; it's the heart of our business. We cherish the brilliance that springs forth from every individual across the globe, united in a common pursuit – to achieve greatness that transcends solitary accomplishments.In our culture, each person at Arbitrage is not just important but essential to our collective success. We value every voice and recognize that their contribution is critical to our growth. We foster an environment that welcomes your insights, expects your opinions, and trusts your decisions.

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Our Products

Drawing from a rich legacy of 10 years, Arbitrage Credit Ratings has been at the forefront of value creation in the global markets. Our extensive expertise and meticulous analysis have given rise to an array of cutting-edge tools, methodologies, indices, research, and analytical products. These market-leading offerings have been instrumental in guiding investors, managing risk, and fueling over a century of sustainable growth. Join us on this journey of excellence as we continue to empower global markets with our time-tested solutions!

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Our Insight

At Arbitrage Credit Ratings, we embrace the spirit of innovation and dare to challenge conventional norms. We don't just stop at ratings; we dive deeper to offer you personalized information, shaped by our team's profound local experience and unrivaled expertise in the credit market. Our commitment to transparent intelligence is exemplified by the additional insights we provide alongside the ratings, empowering both issuers and investors to make well-informed decisions.Our human touch and keen understanding of the African market set us apart, providing you with tailored solutions that bring clarity and foresight

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02 What Makes Us Different

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For more information about Arbitrage Credit Ratings, please get in touch.

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Our dynamic office footprint in over 15 countries allows us to have global coverage of the capital markets as well as an on-the-ground presence in every region.

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Media Relations

Find our latest press releases on our most timely research and commentary, schedule interviews with our expert analysts, and see our latest honors and award wins.


Nearly 5,000 rated entities and transactions.

15 global offices. 155+ analysts.

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