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About Arbitrage Brokerage Services

Welcome to Arbitrage Brokerage Services, your trusted partner in the rapidly evolving digital landscape of East Africa. Founded in 2022, our company was established to meet the growing demands of the region's dynamic mobile and internet market. With a keen understanding of the transformative power of technology, we have positioned ourselves as a beacon of excellence in providing exceptional online brokerage services.


To be the number one providers of superior full-service business brokerage with in-depth market knowledge and ethical practices.


To be the brokerage company of choice for a new generation of business owners.


Building long-term relationships with our customers 
Staying as loyal to our employee as they are to us
Constant growth and development Always delivering results to our esteemed clients Service that does not end at the transaction.

Embracing Digital Transformation

In an era where digital adoption is reshaping economies and societies, East Africa stands at the forefront of this technological wave. According to GSMA Intelligence's insightful report, the region witnessed a remarkable surge in mobile smartphone subscribers, reaching a significant milestone of 46 percent. Smartphone adoption, an essential indicator of digital readiness, soared to an impressive 64 percent. Undoubtedly, mobile technologies and services played a pivotal role in contributing over $130 billion (Shs15.4 trillion) to East Africa's economy, constituting 8 percent of its total GDP in 2022.

The foresight of GSMA predicts a promising trajectory as East Africa is projected to welcome 60 million new mobile subscribers by 2025. This surge will culminate in a total of 115 million subscribers, representing 50 percent of the entire region's population. On a global scale, by the end of 2022, 5.3 billion individuals had embraced mobile services, encompassing 67 percent of the global population.

Our Purpose and Commitment

In light of this digital revolution, Arbitrage Brokerage Services was conceived to cater to the burgeoning population of smartphone users. Our primary objective is to empower and enrich the digital experiences of East Africans through unparalleled brokerage services. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our pricing model, where we offer our exceptional services at a remarkably affordable annual charge of $100.

A Strategic Presence in Uganda

Uganda, with its unique internet landscape, holds a special place in our operations. With an internet penetration rate of 29.1 percent among its 47.7 million population, Uganda is an oasis of opportunity. At the heart of this digital activity, we proudly established our headquarters in Kampala. This strategic decision allows us to effectively serve the entire region, fueled by a dedicated team of professionals who understand the nuances of the East African market.

Empowering Transactions and Transforming Lives

Arbitrage Brokerage Services is more than a company; we are an embodiment of possibility. We specialize in facilitating, negotiating, and arbitrating transactions between buyers and sellers. Our unique brokerage business model seamlessly connects these two vital components of commerce, culminating in successful and fruitful transactions. Through our efforts, we not only collect commissions, fees, and service charges but also contribute to the vibrancy of East Africa's digital economy.

Embarking on a Global Journey

While our roots lie in East Africa, our vision extends far beyond borders. As a forward-thinking company, we are poised to embrace the global stage, bringing our unparalleled brokerage services to the rest of the world. Our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and innovation will continue to guide us as we embark on this exciting journey of expansion and exploration.

Our Vision and Beyond

As an East African enterprise fully registered, licensed, and endorsed by the government of Uganda, we are committed to shaping the future. Our journey begins within the borders of Uganda and extends across the entirety of East Africa. With time, our aspirations know no bounds as we set our sights on expanding our services to the rest of the world. Our passion for innovation, commitment to excellence, and unwavering dedication to our clients fuel our determination to redefine the realms of online brokerage.

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